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Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

..Sammy & TJ..

For some reason my internet is only letting me upload these three pictures. There are more to come, and don't worry Sarah we got plenty of colorful ones! Sammy and my oldest Eryka play together a lot, infact Sarah is Eryka's pre-school teacher. I have been so excited to take these two cuties pictures, TJ remindes me of the little gerber baby and at 9 months...he is extremely active. He wasn't at all interested in looking at the camera, all he wanted was to play with the rubber basketball that he'd see rolling around the floor every now and again (whatever keeps them happy right?!). Sammy is old enough to understand what I'm trying to tell her, so she did great--even in the snow (she got bribed a few times with fruit snacks) Thanks for coming over and I hope you like the few I've been able to post. I'll work on getting more up later!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

..Train Station..

Saturday afternoon was such a great day to be outside! We took a drive to Ogden looking for some fun unique locations for sessions (which by the way we found a ton) and we decided to stop at the train station to take a look around. My husband and I both love the old buildings and the history behind it all, so it was pretty neat to walk around inside. However, we didn't get to stay too long because of closing time so we'll have to pick another day to see everything. Here are just some pictures I quickly got of my girls.