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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

..Isaac, Ciera, Alexis..

These 3 siblings are so flippin' cute. Even though Ciera (the cute little 2 yr old) didn't want a thing to do with me...I forgive her and still love her sweet little face. Isaac is a typical boy and is obsessed with BUGS! While we were out in the field working on Ciera to even give me the time of day, Isaac was off bug hunting and came back with a handful of grasshoppers and other critters that I myself don't really like getting remotely close to. And little Lexi was just the sweetest baby ever. She didn't cry once but she didn't really care to smile either and just stared at me with those big chocolate chip eyes of hers that are just to die for. So needless to say, they are just adorable little kids with lots of little kid spunk and have the sweetest mom around!