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Sunday, September 27, 2009

..A Few Things Coming Up..

Here are just a few pictures from some sessions that are brewing on my hard drive right now and waiting to be posted. I have even more than this including some weddings, more families, and more little kiddos. One day I WILL get caught up on my blogging, editing, and maybe somewhere in between find time to breathe but until then...I will be editing like a mad woman until I AM caught up. If you happen to see me on the street with blood shot eyeballs, frizzy hair from lack of being combed, no make up, and possibly even in my sweat pants...don't be surprised and please don't judge me too harshly. I just love my clients to death because they seem to love me enough to be patient and not come knock down my door asking for their pictures (although I'm sure deep down they'd really like to) please, oh please keep being patient with me just a LITTLE bit longer because my goal is to have most sessions done and in your hands by the end of the week.

I love the last picture too...so funny and just so cute!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

..Amanda & Dallin's Engagements..

Wow, sorry you guys that it took so long. I have good excuses, I really do...but there's really no need to bore you to tears. Amanda & Dallin were a lot of fun to be around, they were really candid with eachother and really knew how to have fun, laugh and be themselves!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

..Another Sneak Peak..

Sorry to just be only posting one picture I just have a lot to get done so I'm trying to get at least one up for some people so they can get a little insight on their session. So there will be more from this family also coming up soon. Soon, soon, soon....that's all I ever say lately.

Monday, September 21, 2009

..So Behind..

Like the title says, I am behind. On everything in my life right now. My whole family has been sick with the flu except my husband. Somehow he's escaped it for now which was good because he was able to be such a HUGE help when I was down with it. Anyways, I am trying to get caught up as fast as I can so thank you to everyone who is being patient with me I know how hard it is waiting for pictures when you're dying to see them. I haven't forgotten about any of you so hang in there, they are all coming soon!! Amanda, you're up next but for now here's one that will hopefully hold you over.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


There's not really much to say other than...she is completely gorgeous, has the best style, so fun to be around, and I'm happy that I get to claim her as my cousin!! I know, it's not really fair to have family members this pretty...it makes the rest of us look bad. I love ya Steph thanks for a fun day together and oh yah, just so you know I might have to steal your boots & vest.

Monday, September 14, 2009


He is such a cute little boy! And he was so happy the entire session...well until it got close to nap time and then he was not having it anymore. At least we got tons of smiley ones before hand. When we first put him on his belly he was lovin it, full of smiles and telling all kinds of baby stories and then pretty soon he started cussin me out and was not going to be happy that way for one more second. He was such a little ball of fun!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

..Sneak Peak..

There are many more from this little guy to come SOON! He is such a sweetie and was such a happy baby :) We have been out of town all weekend, so I wasn't able to get any editing done but now we are back and I am going to be burning the mid-night oil for a while until I get a few more sessions out the door.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

..Mike & Erin's Formals..

You probably remember this fabulous couple from their engagements a few months ago. It's no secret that I love them both. They are both just awesome and are up for anything. When I say anything...I mean literally ANYTHING. For example, Erin hiked out of the canyon and walked through a river with her wedding dress on and Mike sacrificed his nice and dry shoes to help me and Erin across the river while carrying all of my junk. If any of you know me well know that I am such a klutz, seriously I have a hard time walking in flip flops on flat ground let alone across a river bed with water flowing over top of slick mossy rocks. It was definitely a challenge on my part but we made it over the river and through the woods to this unbeatable location that I give major props to Mike and Erin for scouting out months ago. I was really happy that the run off had finally slowed down enough that we could get across the river without getting washed away in the rapids because this spot was so awesome. Besides the unbelievable location...let's not forget to mention these two gorgeous people you are feasting your eyes on. These two have killer serious faces (have you noticed i have been saying "killer"a lot lately?) not sure what's up with that...but anyways they really make me happy as a photographer because working with them is easy and they make looking this beautiful effortless. I also had the pleasure of shooting their wedding day so as soon as I make head way on those pictures I will be posting many more from that night as well.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

..I Can't Wait..

To post more of this session. Seriously...it was awesome. And I can't go without mentioning this GORGEOUS bride and her fabulous eyes. I love this picture to pieces, her eyes are so subtle with those dark long lashes really gives it a dreamy touch. She's beautiful and as soon as I finish them all, I will be singing from the roof tops because then I'll be able to post more so come back soon!