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Monday, April 20, 2009


I first met Madison when she was just like a month or so old and I haven't seen her since, so I was really happy when her mom asked me to do her 8 month old pictures. I cannot not believe she is already that old...man they really do grow fast. She is the busiest little girl I have been around, as soon as we got her sat down and situated she'd be up on her hands and knees before I could even get the camera focused...she definitley gave us all a work out. I had a hard time getting her to open up and smile for me at first, but once we got her outside she was so smiley and jabbered up a storm. Also, I have to say that I am already jealous of her...look at those blue eyes, I even had to tone them down a bit because they are SO bright--lucky girl anyway.
I also LOVED her little yellow dress...she looked like a little ball of sunshine!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

..One For Mom..

I will be posting some more pictures from this session a little later on but I just got home from being out of town this weekend so I'm still in the process of editing. I just wanted to get at least one up of this cutie pie because I know her moms looking! :) I was kind of stressing that I might not have gotten very many of her actually looking at me and/or smiling, but don't worry Allison--we got a lot more than I thought!!! I loved this picture & her face expression, she was looking at grandma behind me trying to tell her what's up...she was thee happiest baby ever.

Monday, April 13, 2009


This pretty little lady is one of my older sisters. We had a fun photo shoot yesterday afternoon that involved lots and LOTS of laughing. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm starting to get jealous of all of these people that can pull off the serious face...because I absolutely cannot.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

..We Came In At..

8th Place. I was sorta disappointed when I seen the finals because I felt like this picture was such a genuine connection between these two friends, and that's what they were looking for. But I am happy that I was at least in the top 10 out of almost 400 entries. The other photographers also had some great pictures so I congratulate them.
Here's the linkhttp://iheartfaces.blogspot.com/2008/01/week-13-top-ten-kids.html to the top 10 photographs in this catergory if you want to go look at the other entries. I still absolutely adore this picture...and it's #1 in my book!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

..Criddle Family..

I loved spending the afternoon with this family. They are all drop dead gorgeous with some of the best personalities ever! It was such a nice day for once after all of this bitter cold wind and snow every day. We were able to go to a new location I've never been to before so I was stoked about that and it turned out great. Enjoy these pictures of this adorable family--sorry there are so many, it's kind of overwhelming taking in all of their gorgeousness...I KNOW but be lucky I didn't post every single one because I totally could have.

..My Friend & I..

This weeks contest over at www.iheartfaces.blogspot.com is capturing "my friend and I" I chose these little girls because....well I think the photo kind of explains itself. They were such a ball of fun, and I think their bubbly personalities really come out in this picture. I love how natural they are and how "springy" it feels (i hope it stops snowing sometime soon) I said this before but, my whole purpose of this session was so that their moms could look back at these pictures and remember how their little girls were when they were with their friends, how innocent and free spirited they were...and how gorgeous they are at just 8 years old. Love these little girls!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

..Just One For Now..

I will definitley be posting more of this family later, but my hubby and I are going to go watch Marley and Me...we'll see how it is! I just wanted to get at least one up from this session, check back later to view more.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I decided to do todays "Fix-It-Friday" Challenge over at www.iheartfaces.blogspot.com. It's the first time I've tackled one of their challenges and it was actually super fun! Their website has a ton of inspiration for all kinds of editing techniques.

They provided this picture of the cheerleader, from there we were challenged to take the picture and edit the photo anyway we wanted to and use our creativity. So here's the Original straight out of the camera:

And here are the two editing versions I did. I like the picture both in bright color and in a black & white/chocolatey look! I hope you like how they look.